Shetland History

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Welcome to Shetland,


Shetland is a wild and that has been inhabited for over 6,000 years, possibly longer, and knows the true meaning of wildlife; with seabirds in abundance and chance of petting otters and seals in their land hand-crafted by glaciers. The Shetland culture and way of life is wonderfully unique ranging from their dialect to their traditional music. Shetland lies to the north of Scotland and is surprisingly close to Orkney although still counts as part of the British Isles, although this was only confirmed into the fifteenth centaury as previously it was counted as Scandinavian. With a population of around 30,000 makes it the third-largest Scottish Island and is also the home to important nesting sites which are in fact protected for the safe-keeping of certain species. Shetlands biggest industries include fishing, aquaculture and renewable energy due to the coast surrounding the island and its landscape provides a hotspot for very large turbine farm which contributes substantially towards Shetland’s economy. This scenic and very natural landscape is what makes it very appealing to tourists and provides a memorable and vivid experience that you will truly never forget.


Activities- Shetland is well known as a family destination with its many fun variations of activities from cycling to scuba-diving.


Shetland makes use of its many stream-line, smooth roads and forever-changing scenery with astonishing amounts of cycling courses on and off the road. Whilst cycling around these well-kept roads you will encounter friendly locals who will find pleasure in conversation with you and might even get a certain surprise from old friends of Shetland: seabirds.


If fishing is your passion then you have come to the right place! Shetland has a buzzing fishing life and this comes with your very own chance to fish also. Sea Angling and Trout Fishing are particularly prided and with  the opportunity of boat-hire to accommodate your want for fishing you are guaranteed to catch something in any part of Shetland’s waters.


Shetland is very attractive for it’s wonderfully visible-underwater clear waters and you know what that means, scuba-diving is perfect! With the large amount of water surrounding the land and most of it accessible, this lets you get the best underwater experience in Scotland with views of cliffs, hills and caves from that of an underwater outlook is truly magnetising.


For a less energy consuming activity where maybe you want to fully enjoy the breath-taking scenery and bouncing wildlife to the max then bird watching is the choice for you. The variety of animals- especially birds- is astounding even including the exciting and unique, Puffin. It is possible to take trips to the cliffs and mountains of Shetland to visit the famous and extremely important nesting grounds of special bird species with the chance of seeing 20,000 Gannets and thousands of other species fly over at once it is an unforgettable and truly memorable sight. For more information on species available to Shetland -

With all these activities that support instead of shape Shetland’s natural landscape there is never a dull moment for the sport active visitors, there is also a large array of historical sites that range back from when inhabitants first came, in the Stone Age, with archaeology being recognised in Shetland more prominently. These archaeological remains have been preserved superbly and give an idea to the land before industry and technology hit and the way of life of our hunting and gathering ancestors. Everything from buried treasure to precious stones is found in the Shetland Museum as well as traditional gallery collection containing delicate painting of Shetland life and traditions really giving you a feel of culture there.


Due to the spacious and free nature of Shetland, the best accommodation to get up there is lodges. Most of these are well kept and comfortable, not to mention the perfect accommodation for family stay. Although these lodges are all self-catering so if you’re looking for catered stay then there is a large choice between massive country hotels which all provide luxury accommodation at very affordable prices, for more information-