Perth History

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Welcome to Perth,


Named the ‘Fair City’, Perth is one of Scotland’s most touristic cities located on the edge of the shimmering River Tay. It has a small population of only 50, 000 estimate but is bursting full of life and excitement with the feel of a small town but the busyness of a modern, large city! Perth is stabilised with two main parks on either side of the town, North and South Inch. The North Inch is allegedly where King James 6th lifted the golf ban and played golf as the English threat of intrusion was high, also the land where the Great Battle of the Clans took place in 1396.


Where is it located?


Perth is roughly only 43 miles from Edinburgh and is a short drive after crossing over the Forth Road Bridge, which is  one of the world’s longest suspension bridges with the length of over a mile!

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City Centre- Perth has been known as the City of Markets for a long time and still lives up to this reputation- due to Perth having been the first in Scotland set up of it’s sort- this large variety of products is all straight from the producer and that’s what gives these special markets it credibility. Perth has two superb shopping areas that cater from specialised goods to designer labels; High Street and St John’s Shopping Centre. Perth’s high street is a no-traffic zone so is easily accessible and one of the safest streets which holds high-class shops, hotels and restaurants as well as one of Scotland’s oldest and most stunning theatres: Perth Theatre. Perth Theatre offers contemporary and old-fashioned screenplays, productions, music tours and comedy with something that is everyone’s cup of tea! Perth Concert Hall is situated extremely close to Perth Theatre and is a massive millennium hall with a truly breathtaking glass exterior and mind-blowing auditorium.

St John’s Shopping Centre has an array of over 40 shops situated on one floor with the options of food and drinks as well as mostly any product you could need/want. This shopping centre is ideally situated in the centre of town, which gives the locals any excuse to get down there!



From the 18th centaury, Stanley Mills, which was originally a cotton mill built by locals but in 1786 the mills were built around a very fast moving part of the River Tay. Over the years several different owners that had tried and failed to breathe new life into this business had built a large complex whilst doing this. Now if you go see the mills, you will see a large part of it converted into housing and the rest into a tourist attraction in which explores the mysteries and stories of previous workers with a clear step through guided tour.



Perth is home to several museums and art gallery of great interest; Museum of Abernethy, The Black Watch Museum and Perth Museum and Art Gallery. Museum of Abernethy has held onto being a four-star award, and rightfully, since 2004 and has been granted other proud awards. It is made up of a cottage, stables and a byre that had been extended and renovated to be suitable for visitors whilst keeping the original feel and look from the Pictish times. The Black Watch Museum, on the other hand, is a much larger complex and give a glimpse into one of the British Army’s most successful regiments, Black Watch. This Museum is situated in the great Balhousie Castle, which goes back to the 15th centaury! Lectures and talks are available from those from The Black Watch regiments who have survived previous battles and live to tell the tale. Black Watch fighters fought in the likes of bloody and cruel wars including an input into First World War and Second World War. The Black Watch Museum provides collections from uniforms, badges, instruments, and entertainments of those previously in the regiment and shows an interesting insight to their fighting lives.


 Unfortunately Perth Museum and Art Gallery is closed for refurbishment till 5th March 2012.