Orkney History

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Welcome to Orkney!



Orkney is a beautiful scenic place made up of 70 islands and skerries. Not only is Orkney a relaxing getaway from the bustling mainland but offers tranquil scenery and the opportunity to unwind.


Getting Here:


Orkney is accessible by flight from Aberdeen, Glasgow and Edinburgh and  we can be reached by boat or car. All of these means of transport offer your journey to be packed with the spectacular views and scenery of the areas around Orkney. Be enchanted by the birds-eye views of  Orkney as you fly in and by the fantastic waters if you are on boat. The start of your journey through this mystical island happens even before you step foot on it.




Food and Drink


Orkney prides itself on its fresh meat, fish and vegetables. Because of this Orkney has some delicious restaurants and cafes. After a hard day of exploring Orkneys mysterious lands, chill out and relax at one of Orkneys many bars or restaurants, here’s a link, so check it out! http://www.visitorkney.com/tastes/index.asp





While you are at Orkney you have to visit the islands surrounding it. Unlock the secrets of the past inhabitants of this area of Scotland as well as indulging in the atmosphere that these islands give off. The islands of Flotta, Kirkwall, and Eday are just a few to name!





Orkney also offers a rich selection of activities. If you are longing to get into the water then surfing, sailing, windsurfing, diving and kite surfing are on the agenda for you! Orkney also provides golf, and fishing in any one of its many rivers and lochs. Everyone has an activity they will enjoy in Orkney, and you get to witness even more of the islands ridiculously beautiful scenery!




Orkney has a variety of Bed and Breakfasts to chose from , just click on the link to check them out !  http://www.budgetscot.com/orkney/all-areas/all/ind/page1



In the eighth century the Norse took over Orkney and discarded any indigenous population according to the ‘Orkneyinga Saga’, this accounts for all events up until 1231 when the Norse Earl was killed. Although this ‘book’ contains elements that are historically accurate, it is an extremely ancient book and cannot be deemed trustworthy by translation.