Isle of Skye History

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Welcome to Skye


Skye is a historic and ancient island situated in the north west of Scotland. Its scenic shores and breathtaking views are sure to amaze, and as you will find out it has many activities and places to dine also.




Eating out:


Skye has the freshest produce, which in turn makes their restaurants food a memory to eat! Take a trip in the afternoon to Glendale (a area just before Skye) to sample some fabulous afternoon tea. Dazzle your taste buds at dinner with a great choice of local restaurants. If you feel like traditional dishes, Skye offers an abundance of places like the Stein Inn, which is known for its hearty food, and beautiful fish and chips! Skye also offers more specific and outrages cooking with a flare, this style can be seen prominently in the award winning Toravaig House Hotel Restaurant. This restaurants food is famed for its traditional dishes but with creativity and imagination added to the plates.




Skye offers a wide range of transport to view its picturesque geography. Taxis can be pre booked to take you to any part of the island you want, also explore the island in a more fun filled manner with a bike! Skye also has a running bus to take you to any area of the island you wish. To get to the island there is a great choice of transport, from driving across The Sky Bridge to taking the traditional way of ferry! ScotRail also offers train journeys to Mallaig which is extremely close to our island.




Boat Trips:


As Skye is situated with a mass of sea around it, boat trips have always been popular with tourists. Glimpse the magnificent bird of Skye, the sea eagle! Or delve into the lives of the local seal colonies that are sure to amaze with their elegant bodies and quick torpedo-like swimming. Whale and dolphin watching can also be offered; an experience to view these marine mammals is one not to be missed. There are over 10 operators offering there own unique tour, so take the time to explore the fantastic waters of Skye.


Outdoor Activities:


Skye offers a wide range of activities to further supplement your stay on the island. Scale the 5 Sisters of Kintail, or endure the Cuillin Ridge. There are walks for every level of person. If your passion does not reside on the mainland, take to the waters. Skye offers kayaking, sailing and diving to name just a few, as well as fishing in some of the fastest flowing rivers in Scotland. Cyclists are also able to test their abilities due to the differentiating geography of Skye. Skye’s location and geography make it so that it offers a wide range of activities to everyone and complements many sports.



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Skye has a long and winding history, which has made the island what it is today. From Dinosaurs to Clans, both have inhabited Skye. Dinosaur footprints can be viewed on the beach of Staffin. This remarkable display of raw history, gives another reason why you should visit Skye. Clans have dominated the island too. The most powerful being the MacLeod Clan who ruled Skye in the post-Norse period.  The island is also known for its Gaelic culture, which has been with the island for centuries.