Inverness History

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Welcome to Inverness,



Inverness is a city situated in the Scottish Highlands and is actually known as the capital of the Highlands.  With the brief visiting from the great Mary Queen of Scots, Inverness is a very well established and prestigious city full of life and buzzing with Scottish enthusiasm.  Inverness is one of the larger and denser cities in Scotland with a busy lifestyle. Rather than outdoor activities, like the majority of Scotland, there is other entertainments in Inverness due to it’s large history making it a major city- Inverness is actually ranked the highest in Scotland for it’s quality of life.



City Centre- Inverness has a main shopping centre including all the brands you need for any retail demands which is called Eastgate Centre and is very central to the compact city centre complementing the street shops to indoor shops giving you an option depending on Scotland’s unpredictable weather. This has even undergone recent refurbishment, adding even more shops to the great, award-winning centre.  The Old Town is an area in the city centre at which provides a lot of specialised, specific retailers welcome and greet you with books, art and crafts and much more from all over Scotland. Of coarse the traditional tartan to make your Scottish experience just a little more Scottish! Situated in the Old Town is their very own Victoria Market, which is an old-fashioned, antique arcade, acting as a linking bridge between Inverness’s busiest retail streets. This market sells traditional merchandise and specialised items in a very tasteful way due to the atmosphere of Old Inverness.



Also situated in the city centre are places to sit, relax and absorb the beauty of this astounding city with a large variety of tearooms, café’s and restaurants, the great thing about Inverness is the comfortable distance everything is in comparison to each other. Asides from cafés, Inverness has an Eden Court Theatre and The Ironworks, also another theatre. Eden Court Theatre is an electric, modernised building and is the biggest theatre with two-screen cinema and architectural gardens. This theatre combined with it’s large choice of watching material- from comedy to musicals- and cutting edge design, most of it constructed in 1976, makes this a primary destination. To book tickets for any exciting shows visit The Ironworks is a live music venue specific for music and events and conferences due to it’s keen workforce and outstanding atmosphere. The Ironworks is situated in the very heart and sole of Inverness and has seen the likes of many large artists such as Kasabian whilst also hosting to local bands. This venue has very easily accessible parking facilities that are in the premises making your Inverness experience that little bit easier.


Inverness places host to the magnificent Inverness museum and art gallery, which was opened in 1880 and obtained all its collections from the previous museum there from 1826. It is located in the very central of Inverness, at the bottom of Castle Street. The museum features collections from previous Jacobite history who have been involved with Inverness in various ways since 1692, antique Highland weapons and precious silverware. This is not your average museum as there is extra activities happening whilst you stroll through it’s treasures, for example; lunchtime talks, recitals and entertainments for adults as well as children.


In July, Inverness hosts the Highland Games as a branch off from the Inverness Summer Festival. The Highland Games were first presented as a celebration towards King George IV when he came to visit Scotland. The massive music festival RockNess is situated very close to Inverness annually every June, features huge artist as well as supporting smaller local bands which brings hundreds to the Inverness area. There is also an Inverness Tattoo, which shows work from various performance artists complemented by traditional bagpipes and drums keeping gentle memories of Scottish tradition long after you leave Inverness.


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